Tickets for the Event

There will be possible to book tickets for both the semifinal, the general rehearsal of the finale and the grand finale.

More information will be presented here at a later date.

Young dance talents from all over Northern Europe meet in a dance competition for ballet and contemporary dance in Gothenburg.

The following schools are participating in the competition: Svenska Balettskolan / Swedish National Ballet School, Norwegian National Ballet School, Finnish National Ballet School, Tivoli Ballet School Denmark, National Ballet School of Iceland, Tallin Ballet School, Latvia National Ballet School and National MK Curlionis School of Arts, Helsinki Dance Institute, Keski Pohjanmaan Konservatori, Espoo Danceinstitut, Ida Dance School, Estonia, Klassiski Listdansskolinn Iceland, Den Norske Ballettskole og Akademi, Royal Swedish Ballet School, Alhanko Ballet School / BASE23 and the Oslo National Academy of the Arts.

Sebastian Michanek, Artistic Director of the Prix du Nord:

With the competition, we want to motivate young talented dancers in Sweden and northern Europe and contribute to their dance education. In it’s new form, the competition remains an important platform for the next generation of dancers to be able to meet and share experiences together. The event is a unique opportunity for all dance lovers to see and experience a wide range of classical ballet and modern dance!


Tickets will be available for the event. More information will follow at a later date.