Semi- and Grand Finale

After the national selections there will be two continuing steps in the competition with a semifinal and a grand finale. The competitors will be wearing number tags during the ballet classes and the number will remain the same throughout the competition.

The Jury

The jury of the semi- and grand finale will consist of one chairman and four jury members. The jury should have a broad experience of ballet and contemporary dance as well as the dance development of students in the age of 14-19. The jury should have a balance of gender and ballet and contemporary.

In the semi- and grand finale competitors are judged on their dance technique, artistry and musicality. The jury will give an overall point to each competitor including all the three criteria.

The jury will also see the competitors take ballet class so the jury can familiarize itself with the competitors and to make some personal notes. The jury will do the same at the general rehearsal of the grand finale. No points are given at the ballet class or rehearsal.

The jury member shall not be employed or be strong associated with any of the participating schools in the competition with the exceptions for the artistic directors of the main ballet companies. The jury is not permitted to have any contact with any students or staff from the schools of the competitors during the competition.

The decision of the jury is final and cannot be questioned.


The semifinalists will perform their two solo for the jury on stage with full costume, makeup and standard stage light.

There will be time for everyone at the same time to go on stage and feel the room, but there will not be an individual time for placing on stage. There will be time to rehears in the main studio. The main studio has the same measurements as the stage and wings are marked.

In the semifinal the point scale ranges from 1 to 20 for each solo. After all competitors have presented their first solo the points will delivered to the jury coordinator. The same procedure will be applied after the second solo.

After all competitors have presented both solos the points will be summarized. The 15 competitors with the highest total amount of points, regardless of division (junior/senior), will advance to the grand finale. If two competitors have the same amount of total points, the one with most of the highest points from each jury member will be selected.

The competitors not selected to the final will receive an individual feedback session with a member of the jury and have ballet class as well as rehearsals for a defile that they will perform in the grand finale. At the defile each student will wear their own costumes.

Grand Finale

The selected finalists will perform their two solo for the jury in a gala performance with full costume, makeup and artistic stage lighting.

The stage lighting and order of solos will be decided by the gala coordination team. There will be a short placement rehearsal for each finalist and a general rehearsal on stage before the grand finale.

The points from the semifinal will not be added or carried over to their score in the grand finale.

In the grand finale the point scale ranges from 1 to the same number as the number of competitors in each division (junior/senior). Every point is unique and can only be given once in each division (junior/senior).

All finalists will after the final receive an individual feedback session with a member of the jury.