Agreement and Consent

Personal data, photo and video

To be able to participate each competitor has to have signed an agreement form that gives the organizer all rights to publish information, like relevant personal data, including full name, competition results and information about their participation and gives the organizer the right to use photos and video recordings, from stage as well as off stage, printed or/and on any platforms, for an unlimited time, worldwide without any compensation to the participant.


The school of the competitors has to have signed a consent form to confirm that all choreographies are cleared to be used in the competition, the gala performance and in recordings to be showed on any platforms, for an unlimited time, worldwide. 


Music tracks have to be of high quality and be generally allowed to be recorded and showed on YouTube and social medias without any financial profit. If the music is blocked from these platforms the competitor or the school of the competitor has to provide a valid music contract that allow the music to be used on any platforms, for an unlimited time, worldwide. All music provided by the organizer are pre-validated.


The organizer is not responsible for injuries that might take place during the competition. The registrations fee cannot be refunded.

In case of injuries or other circumstances the organizer of each national selection can up to 14 days prior to the date of the grand finale replace a competitor with a pre-submitted reserve. The organizer cannot replace with a new candidate.